Shoe Fittings

The process of finding your perfect pair of shoes begins with the most important step: a professional shoe fitting. Our shoe experts are highly trained in precise fittings for feet of all sizes, and we use the traditional Brannock Device®, a time-tested standard for foot measuring accuracy. It’s important to keep in mind that different brands will vary in size, so we can recommend your proper sizing based on our knowledge of how each shoe fits.

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The Shoe Fitting Process

illustration of a rulerStep 01: To begin, you will sit in a comfortable position with your foot relaxed, and one of our shoe experts will use the Brannock Device® to determine the length of your foot, arch length, and width.
illustration of a shoeStep 02: Using these measurements and our knowledge of how different shoes fit, we will recommend the appropriate sizes for you to try on.
icon of a personStep 03: To finish the fitting, we will ask you to stand, which will cause your foot to spread out and allow us to check that the shoe fits properly.
icon of a checkmarkStep 04: To ensure your total comfort, the fit for every customer is double-checked by one of our most experienced shoe experts.

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