Can I place orders over the phone?- Yes, you can place orders over the phone. We ship everyday.

Do you offer sizing appointments? - We fit every customer that comes into our store, therefore no appointment is needed.

I don't know what type of shoe I should be wearing, can you help? - We can absolutely help! Our team has many years of experience, so we can confidently recommend the proper footwear for your needs.

Do you sell things that go with shoes like socks and arch support inserts? - We carry a wide range of footwear products including over a dozen different over-the-counter orthotics, many different socks including merino wool and diabetic socks, shoe care products, laces, polishes, and much more.

Do you make custom orthotics? Yes we do make custom orthotics. Edward L. Montano Jr. is a board certified pedorthist, trained in prescription orthotics and footwear modifications. He's available daily to address your needs. An appointment is needed.

Do you carry children's footwear? We carry shoes for the whole family. Men's, women's and children's.