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Common Foot Problems & Products When Your Feet Feel Good, You Feel Good! The staff at Montano's Shoes knows that your feet work hard. Every day you are on your feet walking approximately 7,000-10,000 steps. Each of these steps places a significant pressure on your feet. This can lead to everyday discomfort or more serious foot problems. In fact, a recent study indicated that three out of four Americans experience a serious foot problem at least once in their lifetime.

Even the best quality shoe cannot prevent these problems or provide comfort and support if not properly fitted. At Montano’s Shoes, we believe that no matter how much you are on your feet, your life should be spent in total comfort.

We have created this website to provide you, the customer, with the information and products you need everyday, as well as our specialized products for immediate comfort and relief. Montano’s Shoes invites you to come in and visit our store on Partition Street in Saugerties, NY and experience our old-fashioned service and everyday commitment to customer satisfaction.




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